Dove sitting on a branch

The Kingdom of Peace

The truth about the Kingdom of God cannot be over emphasized; really we cannot phantom the depth of the understanding of it. It is beyond our widest imagination, so deep and so wide; and far beyond human knowledge. Notwithstanding, I am grateful to God who fills His children with the Holy Spirit; the Spirit of … Read more


Growing up in Christ – Part 2

There is no doubt that if one wants to grow up in Christ Jesus, one needs to walk in holiness and obedience as discussed before. However this spiritual exercise includes daily communication with God, daily meditation on God’s Word and mastering the act of daily waiting on God. In other words, this is what it … Read more

The Act of Waiting on God

We can only grow up in Christ when we ride on the wings of the Holy Spirit and habitually wait on the Living God. Hence, we need the Holy Spirit to open Isaiah 40:28-31 and enable us to understand the act of waiting and its benefits. “Have you not known? Have you not heard, the … Read more